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Rendle Rural Ltd

My rural business is all about helping yours

Make a Plan - Act on the Plan - Review the Plan

Services Bryan Rendle

A few examples of Why people use Rendle Rural:

  • Financial reviews. Looking at historical financial performance and providing feedback. What your bank will be looking at and more.
  • Budgets and cashflows. Assistance in the preparation of these, monthly monitoring etc working with your chosen provider (eg Cashmanager).
  • Business Plans. The rural finance market is changing and banks are requiring more information. Bryan helps prepare this and if required, joins you in meetings with your bank.
  • Succession. Unique to every family/business. We will work through this with a tailored plan for your business, facilitation with all parties including accountants, solicitors and bankers.
  • Property transactions. Bryan can assist you in taking the emotion out of these transactions, another pair of eyes to assess the proposal – be it buying or selling. Budgets, cashflows etc and if required, negotiation expertise for the transaction.
  • Equity partnerships. Preparing you to sell your-self, identifying your strengths and working to find partners & properties. Facilitating meetings, connecting like-minded people and capital.
  • Leases. Working through agreements and negotiations. Property reports and monitoring.
  • Strategic planning. Tailored to individual businesses. Facilitation, reporting, documenting, follow up.
  • Governance. Assessment of current structure and feedback. Facilitation of meetings.
  • Facilitation of discussion groups. Plan speakers, complete reports, co-ordinate group.
  • Overseeing Farms. Absentee owners seeking an experienced farmer and agribusiness specialist to provide property updates? Meeting facilitation etc.
  • Rural professional coaching. Want to be the best you can be? Tailored 1:1 coaching for your success as a rural professional.
  • Business Growth or diversification. Feasibility studies, seeking out expertise from my network. Business plans, budgets and long-term viability.
  • Business start-ups. Assessment of budgets, contracts and long-term viability.
  • Project work. From completing a feasibility study through to managing a specific project you may not have time to, you decide.

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