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About Bryan Rendle

Who is Rendle Rural Ltd?

Agribusiness Specialist: Bryan Rendle PGDipBusAdmin; BApplSc (agribusiness)

Bryan is one of the most experienced Agribusiness Specialists you’ll find. Along with running Rendle Rural Ltd, he is actively farming 460ha with his partner Liz and their three children so he understands what farming is all about – there are very few rural consultants that are actively farming.

Bryan grew up on dairy, sheep and beef properties and has been working in the agribusiness sector since 2001. After graduating from Telford, then Massey University he was employed by one of the major fertiliser co-op's in various field and business development roles (9yrs) and more recently has been Rural Banking, including managing a team across the Lower North Island (9yrs). 

This ‘off-farm’ experience has extended Bryan's skillset across many areas including soil fertility, agronomy, farm systems, financial management, monitoring & reporting, governance, succession, coaching, sales & negotiation, business development and strategic planning.

Regardless of the age and stage of you or your farming business, Bryan is sure to add value, or more importantly help you achieve your goals. Don’t worry if you are not a person or business that writes down goals, Bryan can help with this process also. 

Personal values

  • Integrity
  • Have fun
  • Family
  • Health
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